Jaromír Rybák


Sculptures, drawings and paintings, realisations in architecture

The longer I am engaged in art the more I am convinced that seeking my own pleasure is primary for me. I believe that art should emanate from the author's heart. There are many subjects that inspire me – nature, history and old cultures, some branches of science such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, or various mysteries.

I am aware that glass, iron, clay, drawings and paintings have different ways of expression. I try to put them in balance. In this, I see the harmony of contradictions that are, at the same time, the click here basis of our common existence.My work has become my destiny and I like it. Sometimes I swear when the work goes wrong but I always overcome it since I don't know anything else.When someone gives me credit or identifies with my work it is actually a process of making new friendships with people who are on the same wavelength. And this is the sense of my work.